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API Integration

APIs are an increasingly popular technological solution. They allow us to easily exchange data and services between different platforms, suppliers, customers, etc. Many experts are beginning to use the term API Economy since this service has grown exponentially in recent years. Our company has built more than 250 API integrations with systems from more than 15 countries and different sectors (marketing, publishing, analytics, ecommerce, etc.). 

We have experience in integrating both individual APIs and HUB API systems, where several APIs create more advanced services. HUB APIs can also be integrated with complementary systems of user management, analytics, etc.

3.14 has built more than 250 API integrations with systems from more than 15 countries.

We can develop our own APIs with our API Engine system or integrate third party services.

We offer API integration services in the three main systems:

  • SOAP Web Service: It is the most classic of the three systems, but it is still used in many organizations. We create SOAP systems regardless of the platform and the operating system.
  • API REST: Today it is the most common system. 70% of our projects are developed with this technology.
  • GraphQL: It is the newest system and seems destined to become the most popular in those cases where greater freedom and speed are needed.

We also have technologies capable of exchanging serialized data in different formats, such as XML or JSON. We have a team specialized in studying specialized formats of different standards.